Our service are based on our experience in your equipment that allows us to cover all the following services below

Fatigue diagnosis and Special assessment

Fatigue diagnosis makes possible to determine the residual lifetime of the overall or only part of your equiment. These services lead to the establishment of an inspection plan to control the integrity of the structure as well as kinematic chains. 

AQUASS has been a leader in Special Assessments, which consist in advanced fatigue diagnosis, recommended for all equipment over 20 years old (CETMEF and ISO12482-1 recommendations).

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Assistance and expertise

We propose to achieve independent diagnosis, on all types of equipments.

We can offer our services in all fields: mechanics, structures, calculations, electricity, automatisms...

Whenever necessary, we work with specialized companies.


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Assistance in project management

Our team is able to assist you in all the steps of your projects, from the preliminary study to the dismantling.

Our rigor and our technical competences have allowed us to perform various services for many major customers. 

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DIGILIFE is a unique system, developped by AQUASS for the specific needs of knowledge of fatigue over lifting apparatus.

DIGILIFE can also be adapted to other type of equipments. 


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Computer modeling and calculations

We are specialized in all types of modeling (bar-node, shell, plate and 3D) and will identify with you the appropriate type of modeling, adapted to your project.


We have developping for over 15 years surface modeling, which nowadays allows good results, while limited needs in calculation power.


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