DIGILIFE : a patented versatile assistance system, to ensure the safety of your personel and the integrity and the proper functioning of your handling and lifting equipments !

DIGILIFE monitors continuoulsy your equipments

The parameters of single or major influence in the different risks of handling and lifting equipments are:

  • failure by lack of resistance → mechanical overstress
  • collapsing by lack of resistance → mechanical overstress
  • collapsing by buckling → mechanical overstress
  • deformation or collapsing crippling → mechanical overstress
  • cracks and failures by fatigue → abnormal load spectrum, number of cycles and maximum stress

DIGILIFE has been designed to follow these different parameters during the entire lifetime of your equipments an tools


DIGILIFE allows:

  • the recording of the relevant data from the equipment sensors
  • the data processing by computing the representative parameters of cumulative fatigue damages
  • the guarantee of storage of these data
  • the preservation of the last value or the remote delivery at a fixed frequency or on demand of :
    • the ageing level of structures and kinematic chains
    • the parameters values in order to calculate fatigue indices


DIGILIFE after an incident will record the essential parameters for 5 seconds (before and after the event) and transmit them for recording.

The list of triggering event may be for instance :

  • maximum tension in wire ropes exceeded T1, T2 or T1+T2
  • tension difference too high T1-T2
  • lifting failure
  • motion failure
  • anti-snag failure


AQUASS recently launched a new function called IGILIFEPLUS

With this unique and exclusive function, it is now possible to monitor critical assemblies of the structure, in real time.

Mor info on the page DIGILIFEPLUS

They bought DIGILIFE :

  • ABB Suède
  • ZPMC
  • DCNS Brest
  • Joseph Paris SA
  • REEL
  • PSDF  - Port Sud de France


DIGILIFE has been developped in collaboration with our partner AES (Automatisme Etudes Services).

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